The Multidimensional Approach for Strength-based Leadership


A method for the leaders to grow their personal, emotional, spiritual and corporate lives in harmony. Leaders who want to lead with empathy and deeper meaning.

They see that there is more to life than chasing the corporate job, but they also recognize that the corporate job can be full of meaning, depth and satisfaction.

They want to bring humanity back to leadership. Those are the leaders of the future, the new souls (NeoAnimas) of the corporate world. 


Personal Growth

Myth / Mystical

Team and Culture

Spiritual Wisdom


Meet Ana – Founder

Hello dear friends, welcome! I am Ana, the founder of the NeoAnimas Method. This method has been created with love and care, over many years and I am happy to finally introduce it to the world. It represents who I am, how I live and lead. It is my life’s mission to, through this method, impact many by sharing tools, resources and support for leaders of the future. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it serves you.

A bit about me and what I have to offer… I am a mom of five-year-old twins and a wife. I have been an international HR executive for many years, and I was honored to work with some of the top global leaders and organizations. I am a runner and an avid explorer of new things to push my limits mentally, physically, spiritually (from kundalini yoga to studying Italian). In my method, I explore paths to growth, which bring together elements that are seemingly perceived as far apart. Lastly, my family and I split our time between Europe and the US and I hope our paths cross one day somewhere in the world.

What Others are Saying

Ana is an incredible individual. As an HR professional, a leader and a mentor, Ana impacted the success of so many individuals on our team, including myself! She provides guidance and strategic vision, quickly, that can help shape any organization.

Her authentic mentorship style has helped me feel comfortable talking about myself, which is highly unusual! She genuinely cares about the success of others and helping people find their own unique value. For me, as a young woman in business, that has been invaluable.

- Cayla Danko

Director of Operational Excellence, Lifeworks at Nike - Portland, OR

Ana has a way about her, a certain je ne sais quoi, that lights up any workplace. If you are lucky enough to work with her, like I was, you know that Ana brings an unmatched optimism and worldly perspective to a team. Watch out, world! Ana’s personality, focus and determination will continue to lead her on to great things.

- Rob Yayac

Food Program Manager, Google - NYC

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